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The Cabrach

Maakin Cheese Wi Nell Forbes.

MAAKIN CHEESE Wi NELL FORBES. Nell Forbes, maakin cheese in her kitchen near Ellon in Aiberdeenshire. Circa 2000. EEn o my maist treasured videos fae my ain archive.

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Stunning new Video features Poem 'Tomnaverie'  by Sheena Blackhall. Produced and filmed by Ray Watt - poem read by William Watt. Tomnaverie standing stones - Tarland in Deeside, Aberdeenshire. Scots Radio - Episode 32    ...

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Forbes Leslie spiks to Frieda

Forbes Leslie spiks to Frieda Morrison aboot fairmin in Aberdeenshire - and cuttin peat in Kildrummy moss, near Lumsden.  Featured in Episode 27  

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Floods aroon Aboyne

Flooded parks aroon Aboyne - the river Dee burst it's banks.  Never seen onything like it afore.  

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