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Scots Radio is a programme that spiks aboot the culture and the ongyans o fowk fa use Scots in their wirkin warl.

Accordin tae the last census in Scotland, there are aroon 1.5 million Scots spikkers in this country. Ye dinna hae tae wanner far tae hear it – jist ging as far North, Sooth, East an Wast as yir lugs’ll tak ye.

I hope ye’ll enjoy rummelin aboot in the Episodes, and welcome tae the company that celebrates the Scots Language – and the fowk that jist spik it.

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Scots Radio is a programme that speaks about the culture and the on-going plans of people who use Scots in their working world.

According to the last census taken in Scotland, there are around 1.5 million Scots speakers in this country.  You don’t have to go far to hear it – just go as far North, South, East or West as your ears will take you.

I hope you enjoy searching through the episodes of SLR and welcome to the company that celebrates the Scots Language – and the people who just speak it.

 friedacircleFrieda Morrison – Producer / Presenter

Have a look at the Doric Film Festival 2019 recap since we canna be wi you this year!

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Anither look back tae some o oor favourite stories ower the years. Although this year’s event has been cancelled, we thocht ye’d enjoy haein a look back at the Burnin o the Clavie in Burghead. For mony years efter the Reformation, Christmas had nae place in Scotland so Hogmanay bore the gree in terms o winter celebrations an traditions. Een o the auldest traditions is the fire festivals o the North East Coast an Shetland. In the village o Burghead, Morayshire, the Clavie ceremony taks place on the 11th o January, the stert o the auld New Year. 

Hiv you heard oor new programme, Grow Radio, yet? Jine us in the gairden fur a chat, a lauch an loads o gairdenin advice wi Frieda Morrison an Dave Mitchell. Heid ower tae the Grow Radio site tae listen till the episodes an record yer ain question fur the team!


Spotify tae Scotify

Spotify tae Scotify

Scots sangster Iona Fyfe haes bin makkin waves on social media the lest wee whilie, takkin on the micht o the fowk at Spotify. Wi her new sang, an owersettin o 'In the Bleak Midwinter' intae Scots, she gaed tae pit it up on the platform but couldna fin the wey tae tag...

Fareweel Buff Hardie, 1931-2020

Fareweel Buff Hardie, 1931-2020

Wi dowie herts this mornin we note the passin o ane o Scots comedy's best ambassadors, William "Buff" Hardie, the lest o the trio Scotland the What, wha deed yestreen at the age o 89. Ower the years they brocht us jye wi their irreverent stage shows an telly...

James Hogg Jubilee | 1770-2020, 250 year

James Hogg Jubilee | 1770-2020, 250 year

The day is a big ane fur the fowk celebratin the life an wark o the Ettrick Shepherd, poet, sang collector an novelist, James Hogg. Fur the 250th anniversary o his birth, Dr Valentina Bold an freens is haudin a special online gaitherin via Eventbrite. Amangst ithers,...

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Episode 71 | The Scots Kitchen and the Heritage of Food

Wi spik aboot ivery ither kin o heritage on this programme – bit wiv niver really geen intae the importance o oor food heritage. An there’s nae wye we could ging intae the hairst athoot featurin oor unique Scots Recipies an Scotland’s Larder.  So it gees us great pleasure tae feature the work o F. Marian McNeill (1885 – 1973) and her book caad ‘The Scots Kitchen – It’s Traditions and Recipes.’ Renowned food – writer Catherine Brown, fa edited an introduced the 2010 edition will be jinin the team – fit includes Gaelic singer Kathleen Mackinnes, Steve Byrne and Dave Mitchell.  Come tak time tae sup wi us – it will be foo of flavour.

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