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“Fit’s Gaan On”

Scots Radio is a programme that spiks aboot the culture and the ongyans o fowk fa use Scots in their wirkin warl.

Accordin tae the last census in Scotland, there are aroon 1.5 million Scots spikkers in this country. Ye dinna hae tae wanner far tae hear it – jist ging as far North, Sooth, East an Wast as yir lugs’ll tak ye.

I hope ye’ll enjoy rummelin aboot in the Episodes, and welcome tae the company that celebrates the Scots Language – and the fowk that jist spik it.

In English

Scots Radio is a programme that speaks about the culture and the on-going plans of people who use Scots in their working world.

According to the last census taken in Scotland, there are around 1.5 million Scots speakers in this country.  You don’t have to go far to hear it – just go as far North, South, East or West as your ears will take you.

I hope you enjoy searching through the episodes of SR and welcome to the company that celebrates the Scots Language – and the people who just speak it.

Scots Radio is on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud

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Scots Radio: Award Winner

CMA Torque

Scots Radio was presented with the Torq Award for excellence – winning the Magazine category in 2021.

On behalf o the team thank you tae the National an the International jury o judges. An of course thank you tae abidy that has supported us an got us this far.

Here’s the bits an links for the 2021 winnin programme. The star line-up cuidna ging wrang.

Heart of the Land

Sunset Song – The National Library o Scotland celebrates the famous Lewis Grassic Gibbon novel.

Scots Radio’s Frieda Morrison wis delighted tae be asked tae contibute her ain personal response tae Sunset Song.

Grow Radio

Hiv you heard oor new programme, Grow Radio yet?

Jine us in the gairden fur a chat, a lauch an loads o gairdenin advice wi Frieda Morrison an Dave Mitchell. Heid ower tae the Grow Radio site tae listen till the episodes an record yer ain question fur the team!

Special Features

Cullen Wee Hoosies

Cullen Wee Hoosies

In the early 19th century, the village o Cullen wis moved doon the brae tae its current position. Tae mark the bicentenary o that move the Cullen, Deskford an Portknockie Heritage Group, hiv created a unique scale model o the auld toon o Cullen. The model wis unveiled...

Jane Brown at the Globe Inn, Dumfries (2018)

Jane Brown at the Globe Inn, Dumfries (2018)

Anither listen tae ane o oor favourite past moments fae 2018:"Wi Jane Brown at the Globe Inn Dumfries - In Memory o Robert Burns." Fan Frieda Morrison met up wi Jane, she wis jist aboot tae retire efter 20 year as manager o the Globe Inn in Dumfries. The Globe Inn –...

Interview – Billy Kay Scriever an Broadcaster.

Interview – Billy Kay Scriever an Broadcaster.

Billy Kay is originally fae the the village o Galston in the Irvine Valley in Ayrshire. He has jist published his new book aboot growin up in that village an that pairt o Scotland, it’s caad – BORN IN KYLE  – A Love Letter tae an Ayrshire Childhood.