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Scots Radio: Processions Edinburgh 2018

Processions Edinburgh 10th June 2018 – a day to remember

The Bairns Charter

Dr Jamie Fairbairn jines twa o his pupils, Robert Legge and Robyn Gallon, tae tell us mair aboot the ‘Bairns Charter’ – a new initiative fae Aiberdeenshire Cooncil.

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Scotland’s Fitba Poets

Alistair Heather an Josh Bircham gaed alang tae Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival for Scots Radio tae meet wi three interestin an gey talented lads. They are Scotland’s fitba poets, wha are aa the poets-in-residence at clubs aroon the country. They represent Selkirk FC,...

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The Muckle Storm

Edited for a Freida Morrison project in the summer of 2013. The film tells the story using the voices of people caught up in the Great Storm in the Aberdeenshire area on 31st January 1953

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Messiah in Doric

On the 10th of March the rich dialect o North East Scots wis pit tae song as the famous English wirds o Handel’s Messiah, wis owerset intae Doric. The translation wis bi Gordon Hay, o Langside in Aiberdeenshiree, and the choir wis conducted bi internationally renowned...

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