Scots Radio Special Edition

Sheena Blackhall

Poet an writer Sheena Blackhall takes Frieda Morrison on a journey tae her 'Middleton' family lands in the Howe o Cromar near Tarland in Aiberdeenshire.

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Jock Duncan | The Armistice Centenary – Lest We Forget

The Armistice Centenary – Lest We Forget. In the immediate years efter WW1, historian an traditional singer, Jock Duncan, recorded conversations wi local men fa hdd returned tae their homeland fae the battle trenches.  In this conversation, Jock spiks wi Bert Gow fae...

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The Sair Road | William Hershaw and Les McConnell

‘BLESSIT ARE THAIM WI A DROUTH FOR RICHT’ The title words are teen fae a new book written bi William Hershaw – THE SAIR ROAD – an illustrated by Les McConnell.  The book forms part o an exhibition that’s on at the Lochgelly Centre in Fife and celebrates the life and...

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