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Whit’s curling?

Messiah in Doric

On the 10th of March the rich dialect o North East Scots wis pit tae song as the famous English wirds o Handel’s Messiah, wis owerset intae Doric. The translation wis bi Gordon Hay, o Langside in Aiberdeenshiree, and the choir wis conducted bi internationally renowned...

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The Messiah in Doric translated by Gordon Hay

Doric Messiah - translated by Gordon Hay - conducted by Paul Mealor A worlds-first - Handel's Messiah in Doric will have its world premiere on Saturday March 10th! All info: https://www.abdn.ac.uk/elphinstone/events/12871/

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Burns Special

Join Scots Radio as they stravaig the Royal Mile in Embra, looking at how the Bard is commemorated this year. Featuring Donald Smith, heid o the Scottish Storytelling Centre, and an exhibition on Burns’ fiery politics. Includes a stunning rendition of the Tam o...

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Scots Radio TV – Clydesdale Cairties.

Scots Radio TV -  Clydesdale Cairties. Clydesdale Horse Society - Highland Show 2016 Results of Open Single Cart: 1st Elaine Ramsay 2nd John and Margo McIntyre 3rd Victor and Raymond Scott 4th John and Margo McIntyre Hear More in Episode 42 Scots...

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Hector Riddell – winner o the Bothy Ballad Champion

Hector Riddell - winner o the Bothy Ballad Champion o Champions Competition - 2017 - Elgin Toon Hall. Organised by the Rotary Club o Elgin.  Hector sings 'Neeps tae Pluck'. Hear mair in Episode 39 o Scots Radio. http://www.scotsradio.com/episode-39/

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Maakin Cheese Wi Nell Forbes.

MAAKIN CHEESE Wi NELL FORBES. Nell Forbes, maakin cheese in her kitchen near Ellon in Aiberdeenshire. Circa 2000. EEn o my maist treasured videos fae my ain archive.

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