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Scots Radio | Episode 105 | January 2024 | New Year

New Year 2024

Tae set the year aff in style wiv got a special programme sorted oot tae celebrate the new epoch. We welcome the new Scots Screiver, Susi Briggs fa will be representin Gallowa in the next year. Renowned singer, Sheena Wellington taks us through the mony facets o Robert Burns afore her workshop on the subject, at the Storytellin Centre in Embra, on the 20th January. An the team wi Dave Michell an Richie Werner are jist in the richt mood tae add tae the celebration. Aa this an music as weel. It’s anither busy programme, so jist sit back forget the wither  an enjoy the company.  Fae me Frieda Morrison and the team, a guid new year tae ye aa.