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Scots Radio
Episode 55

Wiv reached oor 5th Birthday – an wiv a special Christmas edition – wi guests.  Fit an eese.

Oor new lads, Alistair Heather an Josh Bircham jine us in the studio tae spik aboot the life an legacy o Aiberdeen writer an poet, Nan Shepherd fa wrote extensively aboot the Cairngorm Mountains. An wi enjoy her words and work wi Professor Ali Lumsden an Dr Helen Lynch fae Aiberdeen University.

Josh has made a bonnie film o the mountains wi spoken extracts fae Nan’s book ‘The Living Mountain’. Hae a look on oor Webpage video section.

Fred Gordon has some affa important warnins tae say aboot safety in the Mountains – especially at ess time o year.  An wir still in the mountains wi author Alec Finlay spikkin aboot his new book ‘Gaithering’ aboot the hills and mountains aroon Braemar. Gathering was commissioned by Hauser & Wirth, for the Fife Arms Hotel, Braemar; the project was launched in 2015 and concluded in 2018.

Hae a Festive Christmas an keep warm.