“Fit’s Gaan On”

Scots Radio is a programme that spiks aboot the culture and the ongyans o fowk fa use Scots in their wirkin warl.

Accordin tae the last census in Scotland, there are aroon 1.5 million Scots spikkers in this country. Ye dinna hae tae wanner far tae hear it – jist ging as far North, Sooth, East an Wast as yir lugs’ll tak ye.

I hope ye’ll enjoy rummelin aboot in the Episodes, and welcome tae the company that celebrates the Scots Language – and the fowk that jist spik it.


Frieda Morrison
Producer / Presenter

In English
Scots Radio is a programme that speaks about the culture and the on-going plans of people who use Scots in their working world.

According to the last census taken in Scotland, there are around 1.5 million Scots speakers in this country.  You don’t have to go far to hear it – just go as far North, South, East or West as your ears will take you.

I hope you enjoy searching through the episodes of SLR and welcome to the company that celebrates the Scots Language – and the people who just speak it.

Scots Radio has launched the first Doric Film Festival

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Episode 61

We are back in the room with Scots Radio Episode 61 and it’s fu o surprises.  We hear fae Morna Young spikkin aboot her play ‘Lost at Sea’ – Alistair Heather entreats us tae a big helpin o Doric Mash – Primary teacher, Olivia Stephen,  tells us fit she an her class got oot o maakin the video for the Doric Film Festival  – a spik aboot meetin oor Waterloo, wi find oorsels richt in the middle o the Battle, on a recent trip tae Brussels!   Weel we didna ging tae Brussels for talks – abidy dis that.  Enjoy gaan oot an aboot wi us.

Special Features

Pictures from the episode


Doric Film Festival Winners 2019

Schools Category

Individuals Category

Individuals Category

Community Groups Category


Scots Radio Launches Doric Film Festival

Scots Radio Launches Doric Film Festival

Calling Budding Film Makers. Learn Film Skills & Enter the First Doric Film Festival. 7 JANUARY 2019 The first Doric Film Festival is being launched this new year by Scots Radio, and judges would love to see ‘hunners o’ entries fae a range o fowk fae a...

Scots Radio Nominated for ‘Music in the Media’ Award

Scots Radio Nominated for ‘Music in the Media’ Award

We are delighted tae announce that Scots Radio has been nominated for an award in the 'Music In The Media' category, at this year's BBC MG Alba Trad Music Awards 2018. The awards will be announced at the presentation ceremony an concert in Perth, on the 1st of...

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Michty, we jist canna believe it's three wiks since oor first ivver Scots Radio Doric Film Festival, oor feet hinna touched the grun since.

Aa oor winners and runners up are aa available tae hae a keek at on Youtube - jist gyan tae www.youtube.com/channel/UCww7yNiG_6DPzk4TvsQAfHg/videos and hae a look.

Each wik, we'll upload een of oor winning/shortlisted films whilst we start tae work on next year's festival.

This wik's film is fae Andrew Saunders, caad "the Big Hoose".
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DORIC FILM FESTIVAL WINNERS AN SHORTLISTED FILMS. Noo on oor Webpages. Congratulations tae a oor film stars, writers an producers. Fit a day it wis at the Belmont Cinema.


- doricfilmfestival.com/
- doricfilmfestival.com/festival2019/
- doricfilmfestival.com/festival2019/schools2019
- doricfilmfestival.com/festival2019/individuals2019
- doricfilmfestival.com/festival2019/groups2019
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Clydesdale Cairties: highlights from the Royal Highland Show ... See MoreSee Less

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Highlights from Royal Highland Show! ... See MoreSee Less

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The community at Dufftown in Moray gathered to celebrate the memory of their poet Mary Symon and unveil a plaque in her honour. Alistair Heather was there and this is his report.

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/scotsradio/mary-symon-dufftown
SR: www.scotsradio.com/mary-symon
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