Episode 52

It’s jist fan ye think it’s nae afore time – ye find ye canna pit aff time. That jist sums up this last few wiks – wiv been flat oot. An it gies us great pleasure tae tak ye aff tae the Tartan Heart Festival at Belladrum tae spik tae the past Scots Screiver, an the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe wi ‘Aye, Elvis’ an Joyce Falcoer, an a preview o the Findhorn Bay Festival wi Kresanna Aigner. Bit enjoy yirsel fan ye can – ye hiv tae knuckle doon an read the Draft Cultural Strategy Document fae the Scottish Government. Dinna worry, Donald Smith taaks us through the pages. Jine us in Episode 52 o Scots Radio. Dinna pit aff time.

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