Episode 51

SCOTS RADIO is oot an gaan aboot again. In episode 51 wir nae gaan far fae the sea – trying tae get a cool summer breeze comin aff the waves, tae survive this het wither. In this programme we celebrate awards an special ivints bit maist o a we celebrate community in a it’s shapes and sizes. The community up at Aberdour Bay in Morayshire are honourin the memory o local heroine Jane Whyte – the Fishing Heritage Centre in Buckie are celebratin gettin a new Residency Award – an retired skipper Eric Smith taaks us back on board the herrin boats. The Starbank Community Gairden near Newhavin are celebratin a UK Award an the International Storytelling Festivial is gearin up tae hae abidy growin stories in gairdens. Fit an eese. Jine us.

The song is now available on iTunes and Apple Music 0.79p
Proceeds to The Jane Whyte Memorial Fund (New Aberdour, Pennan & Tyrie Community Council).

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