This year’s SISF will tak place atween the 14th-31st October.

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival (SISF) his launched its theme for this year afore it stairts on Friday 14th October.

‘Keep it Lit’ is the festival’s 2022 theme wi organisers describin it as “a symbolic fire where experiences and memories are shared, and the torch or oral storytelling is passed on.”

It will aim tae celebrate Scotland’s Year of Stories an will run for twa weeks fae the 14th tae the 31st October, hostin mair than 240 events which will maistly be taen place at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh.

The Festival Director o the SISF, Donald Smith said: “This is the biggest Storytelling Festival since it began in 1989 and it is our widest reach culturally, socially and geographically, marking Scotland’s Year of Stories.”

“We are responding to the cost of living crisis with 145 free events, reducing ticket prices, offering a uniquely generous Festival Pass and keeping a specially commissioned digital programme to provide worldwide reach for those who cannot or choose not to travel.”  

Mair information on aa the events scheduled for later this month an on how tae purchase tickets is available fae the SISF website.