Scots sangster Iona Fyfe haes bin makkin waves on social media the lest wee whilie, takkin on the micht o the fowk at Spotify. Wi her new sang, an owersettin o ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ intae Scots, she gaed tae pit it up on the platform but couldna fin the wey tae tag it as Scots leid, oot o the hunners o ither leids tae wale fae. Iona screivit a braid letter pyntin oot the history an importance o Scots tae millions o fowk. It got a fair few fowk kittlelt up on social media, an tae their credit, efter some fause sterts, Spotify got back tae say sorry an they’d sort it oot. We’ll keep wir een oot fir’t! Braw job Iona, weel deen!