Book cover of Shuggie Bain and author Douglas Stuart sitting on a chair
We’re fair trickit tae congratulate Douglas Stuart on his novel “Shuggie Bain” winnin the Booker Prize 2020. Inspired bi his ain bairnhood, it’s aboot growin up in Glesga as a wee lad in the 1980s in Cooncil hoosin in the time o Thatcher, wi a mither fechtin wi addiction. It teen him aroon ten year tae feenish, an it wis turnt doon bi mair nor 30 furthsetters afore it cam oot in early 2020.

Douglas is jist the saicont Scots scriever tae win the Booker efter James Kelman in 1994, an hissel spikkit aboot Kelman’s “How Late it Was, How Late” cheengin his life wi showin his ain fowk and dialeck in print fir the first time. The fowk in Shuggie Bain aften yaises Glesga Scots in their speech. We tried tae get a haud o a copy online the day an it’s selt oot, mibbes we’ll get it fir oor Christmas! Congrats again Douglas!

Read mair ower at The Booker Prizes wabsteid:

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