Team Scotland win the 28th Phoenix Cup (Credit: Scottish Disability Golf & Cricket)

Team Scotland have won the Phoenix Cup golf competition at the Forest of Arden near Birmingham, defeating teams fae England, the United States an Wales.

Nearly 60 golfers competed in the three day competition which finished on Tuesday, wi 12 competitors representing each team on a daily basis.

Adam Storrie fae Fauldhouse, West Lothian led Scotland to a 71 point finish in the third round, beating Wales on 63, England on 58 an the USA on 25 points.

The Phoenix Cup wis created bi Scottish Disability Golf & Curling (SDGC) as a disabled equivalent o the Ryder/Solheim Cup an this year wis the 28th edition o the international competiton.

Scottish Captain, Adam Storrie said: “It was both an honour an privilege to become captain of team SDGC for the four nations Phoenix Cup and there were certainly a few times during the competition I was worried about a couple of teams fighting back, but our boys and girls battled on and in the end the scores looked fairly comfortable.”

Plans are in place for the next two cups already, wi the 30th edition tae be played oot between Europe and the United States in St Andrews in 2024.