Delighted tae announce that Scots Radio has won the award for ‘excellence’ in the Radio Magazine category of the International Celtic Media Festival.

On behalf o the team thank you tae the National Jury an the International jury o judges. An of course thank you tae abidy that has supported us an got us this far.

Wiv come a lang wye – bit still hae a lang wye tae ging. Here’s the bits an links for the winnin programme. The star line-up cuidna ging wrang:


There’s something afa magical aboot this episode. We welcomed actor, poet, writer an singer – Gerda Stevenson – intae oor studio – alang wi musician, entrepreneur, mannie in charge o Hands Up for Trad, Simon Thoumire – and jist let it furl.

Simon gave us aff the press, news o the new competition in the Scots Language Awards for School Bairns – an the dates for that Award this year an the Trads.

We hae a keek intae the workshop at Monikie Rock art an watch David McGovern create a new Pictish Steen.Then tae cap it aa – Simon plays us oot o the programme on his concertina… wis magical. Jine us.

Scots Radio Episode 66 –