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Episode Nineteen | The Kailyard

Episode 19 comes rinnin oot the blocks an doesnae let up Scots Radio celebrates aahin tae dae wi the Scots Language. Usually this means we’re richt at the cultural cutting edge, speirin at whits new an modren. Whiles, we also leuk back on whit’s gane afore, an see hou...

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Episode Ten | Dig It

Anither ticht-packit braidcast fu o wee Scots gems. The braw wark done by Dig It 2015 on bringin thegither the warlds o Education, Archaeology an the Scots leid wis a highlight. Fundit bi Historic Scotland - nou kent as Historic Environment Scotland - the...

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Episode Sax | Scots in Prisons

Scots in prisons In anither ticht-packit episode that saw the Scots Radio team stravaig aa across Scotland, fae Shetland tae Glasgae, ae feature stauns oot: the wark o Jim King yaisin Scots in prisons. Frieda Morrison gaed doon tae oor biggest city tae...

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