6 months to St. Andrew’s Day, £2,500 traditional music bursary now open for applications

Exactly 6 months from today (30th May 2016), the winner of a new £2,500 bursary to support young Scottish traditional musicians will be unveiled, coinciding with St. Andrew’s Day 2016. Set up through a partnership between independent charity the Saltire Society and Hands Up for Trad, an organisation set up in 2002 to promote Scottish traditional music, the new bursary is now open for applications.

The launch coincides with the Saltire Society’s 80th anniversary celebrations and is part of a busy programme of special events and awards planned throughout the year. The winner of this new award will be announced at a special Saltire Celebrates event which is due to take place at the Òran Mòr music venue in Glasgow on the 30th November.

From delivering a teaching programme to booking a small scale tour, the funding will enable the winner to take part in an activity and learn new skills that will enable them to grow as a musician. It will also allow them to strengthen the planning skills and procedures they will need to be able to pursue a successful career in traditional music.

The bursary is part a wider £50,000 ‘Inspiring Scotland’ series of awards announced as part of the Saltire Society’s 80th anniversary celebrations and made possible through support from the Saltire Society Trust. Hands Up for Trad will provide mentoring throughout the process to help ensure the winner gets maximum benefit from the bursary.

Jim Tough, Executive Director of the Saltire Society, said:  “We are delighted to be working with Hands Up for Trad to offer an Inspiring Scotland Bursary to a young Scottish traditional musician. We are looking forward to seeing the innovative ideas musicians have for Scotland’s traditional music today.”

The £2,500 prize will be paid out in instalments so as to enable the winner to pursue their chosen project. The winner will also receive a special certificate as well as complimentary one-year membership of the Saltire Society. They will be expected to record their experiences visually via a dedicated website and will be encouraged to provide regular updates on their progress through social media.

Simon Thoumire, Creative Director of Hands Up for Trad, said:  “It’s brilliant to be working with the Saltire Society to help young musicians gain new skills that will help them in their future careers”

To be considered for the bursary, applicants should submit a project proposal by Friday 26th August using the online application form on the Hands Up for Trad website. Their application should include a detailed description of the project they would undertake and how this opportunity would enhance their musical career. The bursary cannot be used to cover costs of recording or the purchase of an instrument.

Further information about the bursary is available by contacting Simon Thoumire at Hands Up for Trad at info@handsupfortrad.scot.

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