It his jist bin announced that Professor Wilson McLeod, Professor o Gaelic in the Scottish Studies Department o the University of Edinburgh, his received the Fletcher of Saltoun Award for Contribution to Public Life.

 The Saltire Society celebrates fowk fa hiv made exceptional contributions tae Scottish life an culture. Professor McLeod his authored an co-authored ower 60 airticles, reports, buiks, an buik chapters on various subjects related tae the Gaelic leid an Scottish culture. Fooever, iss his nae jist bin beneficial in highlichting the Galeic leid. The wark he his scrieved his also helped oot ither countries wi minority leids fit hiv fun themselves in similar situations.

 O the award, Professor McLeod said, “I’m deeply honoured to receive this Award from the Society. After centuries of marginalisation and denigration Gaelic language and culture have gained a level of appreciation and respect from government, public institutions, and civil society in Scotland that allows us to be more optimistic again about their potential to enrich the lives of future generations. […] I hope to continue to play my part in this important work in the years to come and I’m very grateful for this recognition from the Society. Mòran taing.”

 Sae weel deserved. Aabody at Scots Radio wid like tae wish Professor McLeod aa the best.

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