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Scots Radio | Episode 93 | Christmas Edition | December 2022


Weel – we enjoy this time o the year. In this festive edition we welcome oor special guest, Cameron McNeish faa invites us intae the hills an glens o Scotland through the pages o his new buik ‘An Eye To the Hills’ – stories tae be telt like nae ither.

Dave Mitchell leads us through the widdies an gairdens in winter, Steve Byrne has anither delve intae oor seasonal customs an
traditions and for the foodies wi hiv oor favourite cook Claire Paterson tempting oor taste buds. An enjoy The Christmas story in Doric wi Shane Strachan oor National Scriever. Ring Oot the cloots.

Aa this wi music, bit div we hae Santa this time? It’s nae easy keepin Santa oot…jine us for a special Festive edition. Dinna hing aboot.