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Scots Radio | Episode 100 | August 2023

In this oor 100th Episode o Scots Radio, wiv invited een o oor favourite fowk tae jine us – Master Steen Carver, David McGovern fae Monikie Rock Arts. David tells us aboot his new project, makin the Skinnet Steen for the ‘The Northern Pilgrims Way’ based in Caithness. An that ties intae the discussion aboot traditional crafts an the illusive translation o ‘Intangible Heritage’.

Fit is is – faar is it – faa his it?  It’s nae easy tae capture. Either are the team – bit wir here – Richie Werner, Dave Mitchell,  Steve Byrne an Frieda Morrison.

An as a fittin finish tae oor 100th edition – we feature a treasured recordin, fae oor ain archive – niver afore heard.  Lizzie Higgins tell us aboot the Witch an the Wizard o Tarland.

Jine us.


We hae a wee keek intae the studio at monikie rock art.  Frieda Morrison an camera-man Graham Read, jine master steen carver, David McGovern, tae  hear mair aboot the new pictish steen for St Vigeans.