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Episode 2

And eence mair intae the studio we’ve geen – again wallochin among microphones and flexes. Bit eence again oor soon sorter Richie Werner made us affa welcome. We even hid a bonnie bowl of shells on the table – and he’s added his grannie’s lampshade ess time. Noo wiv set the scene, fit aboot the content o the programme.

The Director o the Scots Language Centre, Michael Hance tells us aboot an exciting new award. It’s caad the ‘Scots Toun Award’ an Michael is encouraging communities a roon Scotland tae get involved. There’s prizes o £6,000 and £4,000 pounds on offer – git gaan fowk!
As wis mibbe tae be expected we hid a richt delve intae the wirds an wanners o Robert Burns. Efter an affa special visit tae his birthplace an the fine hospitality o Chris Waddell, the Learning Manager fae the National Trust for Scotland, the platform wis set for us tae highlight some o the Bard’s songs and poems.
An fa better tae delve wi us – than a gairdner – the Curator o the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, David Mitchell. Davie jist his that energy an the sensitivity tae bring oot the bits that some fowk mak a lifetime o missin. An fin wir on the subject – foo mony Burns Suppers mentions the importance Burns pits on the use o the Scots Language?
Mary Blance sent us a special report fae Shetland and we’re encouraging fowk tae get in touch aboot fit’s happenin far and fa’s deein fit – in their ain bit o the Boorach.
Oor song sorter, musician and ethnologist, Steve Byrne, has been affa busy flittin this month bit he’s teen time oot tae sing and play in a special concert in Arbroath – celebrating the life and works o Angus poet Violet Jacob.
We hear fae the organiser, Lisa Simmons, aboot hoo the poet spoke o the lan and the fowk on the lan and wove in her ain observations. As Lisa said in the interview, ‘she wis aye in among the horseman’s feet fin she wis a bairn’.
An that brocht us back tae Rabbie – and notions o spring in the air – notions o ither things. Bit we’ll let ye hear foo we get on wi ither things later. An jist in case the changing licht and notions o romance taks hud – mind the words o Burns “O wad some power the giftie gie us – to see oorsel’s as ithers see us…”

Bye the noo