Scots Radio
Scots Radio
Episode 54

An ess is us again – it disna seem that lang ago faan we wir here daein the last episode. Bit that’s jist fit happens – yir nae seener gaan aye wye – that ye meet yirsel coming back fae the time afore.
In Episode 54 o Scots Radio wir rummelin aboot in books – them that’s recently published, jist aboot ready and oot a lang time ago. Rosemary Ward fae the Scottish Book Trust tells us fit’s happenin in Book Wik Scotland – Andrew Barr is delving through the Declaration o Arbroath, Sheena Blackhall reads fae her Doric translation o Jean Ayre, an Amanda Edmiston escorts us into the recipe pages o the ‘Scots Kitchen’ an the life o author an folklorist F. Marian McNeill. A this an music tee. Fit an eese.