Scots Radio
Episode 51

SCOTS RADIO is oot an gaan aboot again. In episode 51 wir nae gaan far fae the sea – trying tae get a cool summer breeze comin aff the waves, tae survive this het wither. In this programme we celebrate awards an special ivints bit maist o a we celebrate community in a it’s shapes and sizes. The community up at Aberdour Bay in Morayshire are honourin the memory o local heroine Jane Whyte – the Fishing Heritage Centre in Buckie are celebratin gettin a new Residency Award – an retired skipper Eric Smith taaks us back on board the herrin boats. The Starbank Community Gairden near Newhavin are celebratin a UK Award an the International Storytelling Festivial is gearin up tae hae abidy growin stories in gairdens. Fit an eese. Jine us.