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Episode 64 | Past – Present an a Wee Keek at the Future

Episode 64 A Guid New Year tae abidy an may the win aye be at yir back an yir tackets niver roosht. Weel – it’s here – we’re here and you’re here. Fit mair guid we wint – that’s jist aboot enough tae celebrate athoot athin else.  Bit in this New Year Episode, as weel...

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Episode 63 | Bairns, Poets, Musicians an’ Ken Yir Country

Episode 63 Weel – wir richt intae the Christmas Spirit – an if ye didna ken better yid think we’ve been enjoying the spirit oer much.   Bit we spread a wee bit o good cheer wi the focus on Scots books for Bairns. Oor guests include, poet an writer Thamas Clark, oor...

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Episode 61 | Waterloo, Morna Young, Peterheid Primary School

Episode 61 We are back in the room with Scots Radio Episode 61 and it's fu o surprises.  We hear fae Morna Young spikkin aboot her play 'Lost at Sea' - Alistair Heather entreats us tae a big helpin o Doric Mash - Primary teacher, Olivia Stephen,  tells us fit she an...

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Episode 60 | Jock’s Jocks by Gary West

Episode 60 We are delichtit an privileged tae dedicate oor 60th Scots Radio programme tae Professor Gary West’s new book an play ‘Jocks Jocks’. The content is based on stories collected bi traditional singer an collector, Jock Duncan, fae First World War Veterans....

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Episode 59

Episode 59 Wi hae passed the Spring Equinox - so it must be Spring. An in this April edition o the programme wi jine the gaitherin at the James Hutton Institute in Aiberdeen tae enjoy the ‘Young Biodiversity Awards’. We’re wi the Irish an Scots Poets as part o Neu...

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Episode 56 | New Year Edition

Episode 56 A guid New Year tae ane an a – an mony may ye see.’ The wirds o the auld sang still ring in the lugs o the fowk that mine watchin Andy Stewart on TV at this time o the year. Bit fitiver yir preference this month – dinna hing aboot, jist get stuck in. We hiv...

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