Ishbel McFarlane writes, directs and performs in her one-woman show about the history, development and future of the Scots language. The show is partly auto-biographical and partly academic. There is a clear challenge for Scottish audience members to examine their own reactions to the language’s decline through the prism of Ishbel’s childhood and university influences.

Through vignettes from Ishbel’s own upbringing, where standard English dialect was the gold standard to aim for at school and at home, the topic is further developed by way of several different historical, political and academic figures, referring to their works, and all of whom proffer a theory as to why they believe we have got to our current state regarding our national voice.

The show continues its tour throughout Scotland into June and it is well worth making an effort to see this informative and entertaining piece.  Locally, it will take place @ The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen, on Thursday 12 May 2016.

Please read the full article as featured on the TVBomb.

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