A new film is set tae capture Scotland’s history, landscapes an some o its native leids, including Shetlandic Scots. “Light Waves”, produced bi Double Take Projections, will be released tae the public later next month.

It will feature locations such as Iona Abbey an Urquhart Castle wi animated archive o the Hebrides herring quines. Historical maps will also feature in the film which will be accompanied bi a soundtrack fae Skye’s Niteworks an the wirks o three Scottish poets: Colin Bramwell, Pàdraig Macaoidh (read in Gaelic) an Roseanne Watt.

Watt’s poyem will include a verse in Shetlandic Scots, a traditional leid which is being spoken bi less an less fowk in the Shetland Islands.

Historic Scotland will premiere the multilingual film at 7pm on Sunday 17th October an it will be available tae view on their Facebook an YouTube pages.

Historic Scotland’s advert for “Light Waves” which will be released next month.