‘Scotland – The Big Picture’ are set tae release a new documentary aboot the current struggle o Atlantic salmon in Scotland. ‘Riverwoods’ will stairt screening this month in Edinburgh on the 18th o March, afore touring aroon Scotland.

The feature-length documentary also shows the possibility tae revitalise Scotland’s rivers an landscape through the regeneration o river woodlands.

In other news – the Northwards Rewilding Project recruiting its 40th land partner in a chain o landholdings committed tae ecological recovery. The network includes a range o fairms, crofts, sma’ estates an community lands across Scotland.

Northwards Projeck Manager, James Nairne told Scotland – The Big Picture that, “it’s fantastic to see such an appetite from so many land managers to put nature and climate front and centre.”

For mair details on ‘Riverwoods’ an the Northwards Rewilding Projeck, Scotland – The Big Picture is available fae: https://www.scotlandbigpicture.com/

Credit: Scotland – The Big Picture