IndyLan is a 26 month long Eramus+ project which started in 2019.

An ongoing project led by Heriot Watt University has launched a new mobile application with the aim of supporting speakers of several European languages to learn several languages which are under threat.

The IndyLan project has developed the app to help English, Finnish, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish speakers learn Basque, Cornish, Galician, Gaelic, Northen Saami and Scots.

It has also been designed to help users learn about the cultures of native speakers of these languages at risk, containing around 4,000 vocabulary items in approximately 100 categories.

According to IndyLan their vision is for the app to “contribute to endangered language learning and revitalisation so that these languages remain alive and relevant in contemporary societies and economies.”

You can find out more about how the app and read the latest IndyLan Newsletter here.

(Image Credit: IndyLan Project)