The finals o the World Pipe Band Championships are being held in Glasgow tomorrow (Image: The World Pipe Band Championships)

The two day World Pipe Band Championships will come tae a close tomorrow wi a seires o finals being held on Glasgow Green.

The 2022 championships kicked aff wi a seires o qualifiers on Friday, which featured bands fae the likes o Austria, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands an the United States.

They were jined bi dozens o competitors fae across Scotland, including bands representing Police Scotland, Scottish Power an several schools in the ‘Novice Juvenile’ categories.

For those nae able tae mak it tae Glasgow, there is a livestream available fae the World Pipe Band Championships website o Saturday’s proceedings.

Meanwhile, gates for the events will open at 7am, wi the first competitions commencing at 9am afore the Championships come tae a close at 5.30pm wi a large scale march past.