We stairt this episode bi jinin presenter Frieda Morrison oot in her parks, pondering the wirk o previous generations fa shaped the landscape that we see afore us iday. Frieda also spiks aboot the lasting impact o a buik ca’d ‘What Are People For’ bi Wendel Barry had on her faan considering how we produce food in Scotland. These thochts feed intae the main themes o the 90th edition o Scots Radio, published as we enter Hairst Season.

Pete Cairns, Executive Director o Scotland – The Big Picture – tells us aboot rewildin an regeneration in the run up tae the Big Picture Conference in Perth, taen place on Saturday 24th September. Pete says that “Scotland is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world” an a concerning but important discussion ensues.

Wendy Barrie an Bosse Dalgren also spik aboot their new buik ca’d ‘Meadows – The Swedish Farmer & Scottish Cook’. A buik which oor ain Dave Mitchell describes as mair than a buik an as “a blend o twa cultures.” Baith Wendy an Bosse contribute tae the discussion on food production an lookin efter oor natural habitat – a much needed conversation tae be haen at this time.

Co-presenter, Dave Mitchell gies his ain perspective on faar wir gaun wrang an foo we can try an mak things richt. This is followed bi wide agreement between aa oor guests that steps need tae be taen towards respecting the land an awthing which relies on it. The question is – fit steps?

Oor soon sorter Richie Werner also raises the issue o makin sure that bairns are able tae experience nature. He’s deeinin a great job bein oor techinical wizard as awiys. It’s anither bumper edition o Scots Radio, sae lug in!