Episode 58

Dinna ging castin ony cloots afore May is oot. An afore onybody says – it’s the Mayfloor wir spikkin aboot – itherwise kent as the Hawthorn.  In Episode 58 o Scots Radio, wi hear fae Rosemary Ward fae the Scottish Book Trust aboot plans for this year – includin a spleet new award for publishers o Scots.  Wiv got Kay Gibb fae the Scottish Curlin Trust on the ice spikkin aboot their new exhibition an wiv got a video wi Kay on oor webpage. We jine Richard Ross in his Tea plantation in the Perthshire hills.  Aye – Tea plantation!  So – ye niver ken fit micht happen wi oor wither – keep on yir cloots an Liberty Bodices.  Enjoy the programme.

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