31st December 2014: And a guid new year tae abidy. An guess fit – 2015 has been designated (bi them that designates things) as the year o ‘Food an Drink’. I think I can spik for the hail team and say we are affa pleased aboot that, an it jist fits richt intae oor barra.

The first Episode o 2015 has oor ain favourite chef o the year, Neil Forbes, fae Café St Honore in Edinburgh, spikkin aboot the auld Scots Recipes – twa o the best crofters fae Orkney an Shetland, Billy Muir and Ronnie Euinson – Professor Gerry Carruthers on the International appeal of Burns and singer and Scots Language Ambassador, Robyn Stapleton tells us aboot her amazing year.
An since wir celebratin Scotland’s drink as weel this year – we raise a gless tae ye a – an may the win aye be at yir back. F

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