27 November 2014: This time last year we wir jist startin to pit oot oor first iver Episode o Scots Radio. It’s hard tae believe that a hail year his geen past -and fit a year it has been. I hope yiv enjoyed bein wi us oer the months and will bide a filey langer. Episode 12 lets ye hear aboot the launch o the new Scots Language Ambassador Scheme fae Education Scotland – an I can noo tell ye that oorsels have been appointed as Ambassadors and prood tae be nominated. Ye’ll see fa else is on the list on oor Facebook page. Wi’ve a report fae the new Scottish Rural Parliament and a blether wi Gordon Hay fa his translated The New Testament intae Doric. Hae a guid Christmas an the een ye wint – enjoy oor 1st Anniversary Episode o Scots Radio

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