31st October 2014: Wi’ve been gaan oor dinger – an prood tae bring ye anither packed programme oot noo in Episode 11 – wi a sorts an soons o the Scots language. We hear hoo bairns are being encouraged tae enjoy the Scots wirds in a their colours, wi the help o Oor Wullie an the launch o a new wabsite for Schools. Dr Alistair Allan, Scotland’s meenister for languages, tells us aboot the importance o this new resource developed by the National Library O Scotland. We fin oot fit the new Scottish Rural Parliament micht offer and hear the voices of Newhaven in the Bow-Tow Festival. Mary Blance sends us anither special report fae Shetland – fu o colour an wunnerfu wirds. And we feenish wi an exclusive reading o a 15th century poem fae Morayshire. A that an mair, wi tracks fae the new TMSA Young Trad Tour 2014 album

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