13th December 2013: Weel – we’ve geen live – as they say in yon media. Aifter wallochin among microphones an buttons an sortin soons and sangs – we’ve at last got oor first programme for the Scots Radio, up on the page. Bit I wid like tae tak this opportunity to draw your attention to the extra –special effert, oor soon-sorter, Richie Werner, went tae for this event. Oor studio table was draped wi a Christmas table cloth and festooned wi ivy and holly fae the gairden – and we even hid Christmas napkins. Weel, fowks, me an Steve Byrne, oor song sorter, was fair impressed – it jist set the scene for a very special day. An oor studio guest, the Director o Scottish Language Dictionaries, Chris Robinson, jist added that extra special sparkle tae the hail experience. I hope ye enjoy the programme – it’s nae fooshty – it’s got bits tae think aboot and bits tae hae a good laugh aboot. Bit fitiver happens, hae a guid festive time, and spik tae ye later. Your aye Frieda Morrison Ps. I winner fit Richie’s gaan tae decorate the studio wi next month..and does his grannie ken we’ve got her Christmas tablecloth?

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