This poem wis written bi Alan McClure as pairt o Open Books’ Scots Creative Writing workshop:

As ah walked oot aroun the watter

a great stramash assailed ma een

Twa pheasants focht, wi clash an clatter

sae eyedent ah could pass unseen

They flapped an scraiched an strutted crousely

waggled wottles, lowped an crowed

Forgot the warld ayont their stooshie

tae claim this wan wee scrap o road

Ah hud tae step aside tae pass them

sae little heed they paid tae me

Tae me, or ocht that micht distract them

fae this wan vital victory

The feathers flew, the battle breengin

their hens were fleggit by the fray

Till ae cock triumphed, puffed an preenin.

(The baith were shot by close o day.)